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Our aspiration is that® will become the largest business-focussed mindful meeting occasion.  


Through shared values, our cornerstone principles, regular walks and meetings focussing on one weekly question, we will provide a platform for discussion, shared support and wellbeing.  Additionally, every kilometre walked will give back to the community, and every venue will be somebody's livelihood. Our ethos is to promote local and national business, provide a repository of shared information for our business members, support our members, and encourage a healthy mindful reflection on our working week. 


We know that Nature + Exercise + Community = Wellbeing + Clarity = Success + Life Balance


By becoming a member, you will join a growing community with access to shared support from myriad of business and business information. Additionally, you will be supporting local charities through sponsorship and presence, and allowing small business to thrive whilst providing you with a service which will help you lead your best life.


The journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step, and so it is with communities. 
As one person joins, and invites another to join, the community grows, walks more steps and begins to prosper with a common purpose. Whatever your walk of life, join®