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About us

Just imagine arriving at work calm, focused, mindful and full of purpose. 


Taking inspiration from nature and like-minded business® enables you to achieve this and thrive.

Our belief is that insight comes from balance, clarity and space. In order to achieve these, so often we need to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of our busy heads, even if just for a short period of time.® encourages you to join us for a walk. The aim of the walk, whilst connecting with nature, business professionals and colleagues, is to find the clarity which will enthuse, motivate and enable us to surpass our expectations and excel. 

Each walk is approximately 7km, and led by a walk leader. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss your hopes, prospects and aspirations throughout the walk and perhaps gain different insights or perspective into your business.


What's more, each kilometre walked will be recorded by each member, and a donation will be made to our chosen charity based on the number of kilometres walked.  


It is hoped that, in time, as the membership grows, we can:

  • Give more to local Charities

  • Give more to national and international charities

  • Help within our respective communities

  • Get great insights into our business world

  • Meet like mind and diverse business people 

  • Become more focused

  • Improve our mental wellbeing

  • Improve our performance

  • Enjoy

Meet team


Matthew Hoddinott

Co-founder of, Matthew is an experienced entrepreneurial director & engineer with a history of working in the construction industry. He has a passion for business development, coaching, mental health and wellbeing.

Andrew_M_ 2bw.png

Andrew Metcalfe

Fellow co-founder of, Andrew is a graphic designer, project manager and design consultant with 24 years experience working in the publishing, media, design and exhibition/ conference industries. 

A keen runner, having completed several marathons and ultramarathons, Andrew also organises running events.